World As We Know It Entertainment, LLC

Is a family-operated entertainment company featuring the work and art of our eldest member, and her progeny.  Our First Citizen (see the About Page) has produced a variety of novels, short stories and anecdotes over the years.  As she completes and polishes them, new links and pages will appear in this web site.  If you have ever wondered about games and puzzles, perhaps her latest project will be of interest:  World of Sudoku for the Absolute Beginner will take you through a complete puzzle to its final solution.  To try before you buy, go  to our blog, What’s All The Excitement About?  Then, in the book, learn the easy steps to solve the puzzle below:


book 1 cover inSign up for our newsletter to get another puzzle, free, every week, and receive links to new offerings as they are available.  We are here to help you enjoy your life and we firmly believe our motto:

That light at the end of the tunnel does not HAVE to be an onrushing train!